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M-MUN Probiotic HK - English (Chinese Subtitles)

Meet Your Extra (M)mūn Boost: A Probiotic Supplement from Jeunesse Give your immune system extra support and feel balanced in your body with (M)mūn, a yogurt-flavored powder from Jeunesse that features a blend of probiotics and prebiotics boosted by fermented fruits and vegetables.

讓婕益菌守護您全家人的健康:婕斯獨家益生菌營養補充品 用婕益菌為您的健康撐起保護傘,一酸甜的優格口味好菌配方,強化防護力,不僅含有獨家益生菌及益生元成分,還添加88種七彩蔬果酵素。